DRINK: Ringwood Brewery enter Pale Ale market with brand new beer


Ringwood launches Circadian, the ‘Everyday IPA’

Circadian Bottle_cutout

Ringwood’s brand new IPA beer is expected to be a hit

Ringwood Brewery, the makers of Old Thumper, 49er, Razorback and Boondoggle is launching its first IPA. This is the first new permanent beer from Ringwood in 8 years.

Established in 1978, Ringwood Brewery was one of the very first micro-breweries, founded by the father of micro-brewing, Peter Austin.

Brand Manager, Alex Harrison said “We are very excited about the introduction of Circadian at Ringwood. Session IPAs have been flying off the shelves in the USA for a couple of years now, and we expect them to really take off here next. Circadian gives you the big ‘hoppiness’ of an IPA but at a manageable 4.5%. The name Circadian refers to rhythms; the physiological process of living beings. Hence everyday IPA.”

Jeff Drew, Head Brewer at Ringwood said “To give Circadian the full flavour of an IPA, whilst keeping the ABV to a sessionable 4.5%, we use 5 exotic hops. This gives a wonderful aroma and a refreshing hoppy finish.”

Ringwood recommends that Circadian is best enjoyed with a spicy curry and good company.

Available from the 1st May in 500ml bottles at selected ASDA stores nationwide, and directly from Ringwood Brewery, for both consumers and trade.


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