General Election 2019: Here’s the lowdown on what candidates are standing for in your area

The nation goes to the polls once again on December 2019 and BH Living has invited all those running locally for election, to write a letter to our readers.

In just 250 words or less, they’ll be trying to summarise what they’re standing for and why they are seeking your vote.

As a non-partisan, politically neutral publication, BH Living are publishing all the letters we’ve received from local candidates. We have not edited them at all and we won’t be making any editorial comment on any of the individual letters received.

Instead we’ll be leaving it up to you, our reader, to make up your own mind up about who is and who isn’t worthy of your vote on December 12th 2019.

Not sure what constituency you’re in?

 If you’re not sure what constituency area you’re in, click here to find out.

Find out what the candidates are standing for in your constituency by clicking on your area below


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Full election results will be published here after the election. Follow us on Twitter